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Children can learn only when their brains and bodies are ready for learning.

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One-time 60-minute yoga experience in the classroom/learning environment

Students will be introduced to three elements of yoga practice (breath, poses, stillness) through age-appropriate content including music, story-telling, guided imagery, and more. Classroom teachers will come away with ideas about how to incorporate these techniques into their classroom routine.

Classroom or Physical Education Sessions

This 6-12 week series allows for children to explore the elements of yoga in a fun, supportive environment. Lessons are individualized based on age and developmental level, needs and interests of the group.

Family Yoga Event

During this 75-90 minute experience families from the school community come together to play and practice. This program usually includes collaborative story-telling, partnering poses and creative poses while weaving in breathing techniques and meditations families can bring home with them to enjoy again and again. These events typically occur outside the regular school day and have been successful as part of other school events (PTA events, health and wellness events, literacy night, etc).

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