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Yoga classes and lectures for students,

educators, and direct care professionals

Developmentally appropriate, individualized education to support children's exploration of themselves, others, and the world around them -- with an emphasis on play, cooperation, and personal experience.

Incorporating yoga and mindfulness activities into a classroom environment have proven to be effective, engaging and fun ways to prepare students of any age for learning, improve emotional awareness and regulation and interrupt the trigger-behavior-punishment cycle many students are stuck in.

Prana Mani Yoga is committed to bringing yoga and mindfulness strategies to those individuals who can benefit most from the calming, clarity, and connection-to-self that comes from a regular yoga practice. As such, we do not teach classes in a typical yoga studio. We come to you!

Class or class series to gently introduce the concepts of mindfulness, breathing, and better health through Yoga.

Individual and group rates are available.

Non-profit organizations may be eligible for no-cost or donation-funded classes.

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