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YOGA FOR Direct care professionals

Classes and strategies to prevent and heal the individual and organizational consequences of vicarious trauma and professional burnout

Trauma-Informed. Evidence-Based.

Direct care professionals witness and absorb the traumas of the individuals they serve and support.

Without proper care and awareness, eventually those professionals become traumatized themselves and/or disconnect as a way of self-preservation.

Yoga organically and holistically allows for safe self-reflection, triggers the activation of the para-sympathetic nervous system (respond, not react) and promotes the cultivation of the energy and compassion needed to safely support the most vulnerable and marginalized populations.

This curriculum is ideally suited for...

  • First Responders

  • Nurses and Health Aides

  • Addiction Counselors

  • Veterans

  • Social Workers and Case Managers

  • Residential Treatment Staff

  • Domestic Violence Counselors

  • Corrections Officers


Improved Staff and Population Safety

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making

Increased Staff Engagement

More Compassion and Empathy

Decreased Staff Grievances and Turnover

Fewer Accidents, Injuries, and Errors

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