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Courses designed specifically for homeschooled, unschooled, and no-schooled kids.

Classes are taught throughout the traditional school-year calendar and fulfill the physical education and social-emotional components of IHIPs.

Nava/New (ages 4-7*) - 45 minute class

Beginning exploration of Yoga, including breath awareness, physical postures, and stillness through play, story telling, art, music, and socialization. Introduction to Sanskrit language. Adults will be invited to join us on occasion to practice and play.

Madhyama/Middle (ages 8-12*) - 60 minute class

Exploration of elements of Yoga, including pranayama (breath awareness and techniques), asana (physical postures), and meditation (stillness). Students will learn to use the technology of Yoga to attend to their daily needs, situations, and emotions. Students will have the opportunity to play with Yoga-related Sanskrit vocabulary. Basic Yogic philosophy will be introduced and connected to students' lives and the modern world.

Vivasati/Apprentice (ages 13+*) - 90 minute class

This course offers the opportunity to explore Yoga, including pranayama, asana, and meditation, specifically designed to complement the developmental phase of adolescence. Students will learn and play with Sanskrit, Yogic philosophy through ancient texts including the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita, and Ayurveda (the ancient sister science of Yoga), drawing connections to their lives and the modern world. Personal exploration and presentation will be expected. Independent study is also available.

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* Placement in classes in determined by chronological age, developmental age, interest, and capacity of the child. If you're not sure which class is right for your student, please contact us to discuss.

All courses will be tailored and taught based on the interests and readiness of the class members.

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