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Even very young children are empowered by the knowledge and exploration of their experiences, relationships, and feelings. Through song, stories, movement, and play, students will become acquainted with how humans are built for learning, playing, and feeling.

NYS Education Law §804


Prana Mani offers two distinct tracks through which New York State school districts can ensure that their health education curricula reflect the multiple dimensions of health as delineated by New York State Framework for Health Education Instruction.


NYSED outlines the importance of including the following concepts and domains across the continuum of a school district’s health education program:

  • Self-Management (and sub-categories)

  • Relationships

  • Resource Management

Our lessons and learning objectives are aligned with CASEL’s identified 5 Core SEL Competencies.

Learning Objectives:


Learning and then moving beyond "mad, sad, and glad": An expanded emotional vocabulary and the opportunity to apply it accurately to themselves and others   

Age-appropriate brain anatomy and function

Body-mapping: How emotions are experienced in the brain and the body


Concepts of domains (or types) of safety and how they are both experienced and strengthened


Growth mindset and goal setting


Building empathy and the understanding of the feelings of others


Introducing or expounding on appropriate scientific vocabulary associated with emotions, emotional management, and the stress response

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